Free Art Friday

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Wake the kids and call the neighbors! It's just that---> Free Art on Fridays! My apprentice, Em Harris, and I started a Woodstock version of the global Free Art Friday initiative. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get clues to find the art we tuck away somewhere in Woodstock, GA. Finders keepers! Don't forget to send us a pic of you and your sweet find! And tell your friends to play along!

Free Art Friday is not an original concept. Artists all over the world create and leave free art to share some love. The organized Free Art Friday movement was born in England, but nobody owns it. We started FAFWOODSTOCKGA in 2018 and are going strong!

#fafwoodstockga ​

Free Art Friday Artists wanted!!!


If you are an artist and you'd like to share the love and your work email or PM us and you can be part of the fun! It's so much fun and a huge contribution to our community. We post bios of each artist that joins our collective! 


DONATION. You donate any work you would like to contribute. We will meet you somewhere in Woodstock (it's easier to get a few things at once and we will spread out the drops). We will hide it for you and post photos on Facebook and Instagram. You will get a huge shout out with your post so make sure you provide us with any information you would like us to include!

We have about fifty percent of people that find our work sending us a finders pic so don't get discouraged! It will happen. Thanks for your interest and here's to free art and the artists that make it happen!!