Functional Work

I try really hard to be functional (haha). I combine my love of cooking and gardening with clay. I like to make platters and bowls. I love pieces that hold food, candles or plants. My pieces can be fun and flirty and at the same time depict a more serious side of our world. 

My cups and mugs are built entirely by hand. I use very few tools. Some of them are built with a slab that I hand roll. The others start as pinch pots. My handles are rolled coils. I enjoy making faces whether human or animal. Holding something with soul brings me comfort and joy. 

There is nothing better than drinking out of a handmade vessel. I prefer a mug with a handle if I'm drinking a hot liquid. Like hot tea. You can drink anything out of my cups but I make them specially for wine. My small cups are hand crafted for fine adult beverages but you can put Kool-aid in them if you'd like.


My cups and mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. Handwashing will preserve them longer.

When I have the opportunity, I fire some of my work in a fabulous soda kiln.  It takes my animal inspired sculptures, cups and vases and creates lovely, drippy gas fired goodness.


Mugs & Cups

Serving Plates & Vessels


Planters & Garden Art