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Classes & Workshops

Embark on a transformative artistic journey with Betsy Oh through a diverse array of classes, workshops, and private lessons thoughtfully curated to unleash your creative potential. Immerse yourself in a world where hands-on learning meets the boundless realm of artistic expression. Whether you are a novice eager to explore the fundamentals or a seasoned artist yearning to refine your craft, Betsy's educational offerings provide a unique opportunity to engage with the art of clay sculpture and oil painting. Join us in fostering a community of passionate learners, where each session is an exploration of creativity, guided by Betsy's expertise and fueled by your individual artistic spirit. Ignite your passion, cultivate your skills, and embrace the joy of artistic discovery with Betsy Oh's inspiring and personalized classes.

Betsy Oh Art

Upcoming Workshops

Dive into the world of artistic discovery with Betsy Oh's captivating workshops! Unlock your creative potential and immerse yourself in hands-on experiences that transcend the ordinary. From clay sculpting to oil painting, Betsy's workshops are curated to inspire and elevate your artistic journey. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned artist, these engaging sessions are designed to unleash your imagination, refine your techniques, and leave you with tangible masterpieces. Join Betsy in an atmosphere of shared passion and exploration, where every stroke and sculpt bring your artistic vision to life. Elevate your skills, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on a creative adventure that goes beyond the canvas. Seize the opportunity to enrich your artistic repertoire – sign up for a Betsy Oh workshop and let your creativity flourish!

Open Studio

Open Studio is set up for you to practice with guidance. Open Studio is only available to current students.


I ask that beginners start with private lessons or classes and workshops first.

For my open studio, I am there to answer questions and help with any concerns. I am happy to do demos and talk about my current projects. I have a wonderful community of people from all walks of life that come together to create and feed off each others energy. We all learn from each other, so I encourage you to listen and share. Fee includes use of all studio equipment and *most* materials.


1-4 pm or 6-9 pm 

$35 for 3 hours

$35 for one bag of clay (25lbs)

+ Firing Fees

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a quick way to get up and running no matter what your skill level is.
We start with the basics: coil building and pinch pots. I recommend 1.5-2 hours for your first class.

We can also set up semi-private lessons if you would like a small group setting.

If you are experienced, come with a list of questions and reference photos for a project you would like to tackle.


If you are just starting your clay journey, I've got you covered! 

If you have the time to work at home, you will have homework to move your practice along.


Birthday, anniversary, couples night out, so much fun- I can come to you or you can come to me!
Fees are based on the project you choose and the number of people attending. It's your day so we can tailor the class to whatever you are into. We can play a couple of games to get everyone warmed up and dive in.

Firing can take 3-6 weeks depending on project size. Message me for more info.


I offer apprenticeships for anyone interested in trading studio work hours for use of my studio, and materials and learning about what I do. Apprenticeships are 2-6 work hours per week. Clay experience is a must. The work schedule depends on the hours you have available to commit to my studio. Contact me for an interview. 

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