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Ishy. What's in a name???

So my mom sent me this photo her sister sent her. I looked at it and smiled and moved on quickly as usual with my fifteen second brain. My aunt had just purchased another goblet from me a few weeks ago (she is so loving and supportive of me and my shenanigans). Last night I was searching for a photo of a particular piece for someone who wanted to buy something and this photo popped up again. This time I really got to see it!! Of course, right in front is her little collection of goblets. I think she drinks Black Russians so I'm thinking they see some action. Then I saw her sweet reflection in the glass. I call her Ishy because i couldn't say Mary Sue when I was little. My mom's siblings are a lot honey than she is so we have always been very close. Then I looked even further because the little bird painting caught my eye (thank you, fifteen seconds brain). That painting is signed B.W. which is my maiden name. I did that painting in elementary school. So this morning I'm so grateful to my crazy brain for giving a moment to enjoy something i would normally have missed!!! And a huge thank you to Ishy for making me feel all warm and fuzzy and full of love. Notice she has no titties on her goblets. We need to talk about that, Ish. ❤️

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