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There is Room for Every Single One of Us

So the art world is so wonderful. Artists are (usually) open minded and free and full of energy, creativity and love (you rarely will get a glimpse of us when we aren't that way). But I want to talk about the pink elephant you probably don't see. Most of us have worked a lifetime for validation and appreciation. The ones that haven't given up are bruised and wounded. Although our resilience and dedication rarely falters, I think most of us are still carrying that baggage. Art and being an artist isn't easy. Society has a weird way of valuing us. The good news is that all you really need to do to become one is decide to call yourself one. The rest is blood, sweat and tears.

Our art is our truth. Our art is who we are and what we stand for. It's so deep and true. It's hard not to take anything related to it personally. It's hard not to be protective of our techniques and concepts. The pink elephant I'm talking about is the competition between us. I see it every day. Where did that idea come from?? How long did it take you to paint that?? Who are you selling your work to and how much are they paying?? How did you get in that show?? Where did you get your degree (I don't have an art education btw)?? Let's be honest, we all take inspiration from each other. And there really isn't anything totally new in the art world. We are all doing our best to express ourselves and recreate a wheel that has been rolling for a very long time. We all learn from each other and share the energy that each of us needs to create something fabulous.


And there is definately room for every single one of us. We have each worked so hard to get where we are that we loose sight of where we actually are. Together we all make up one art world. And if we put comparisons and judgements aside, we can join together and promote art as an emotional and important aspect of healing humanity. We can change the world. Together. Art helps us see inequality, joy, sorrow, beauty, trauma, love, peace. I'm going to let go of any feelings of rivalry and share and promote and love my fellow artists because every time I give that love comes back two-fold.


And when you ask me how long it took me to make something I will tell you my entire lifetime. I couldn't have made the work I made this week last week because I needed the experiences from last week to happen first. ART=LOVE. We all need love. I'm putting on my cape and I'm off to change the world. One sculpture at a time.


If you like reading and seeing my shit, you might subscribe to my website. I know too many people who have lost all their connections on IG and FB. None of us own anything on here.

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