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My friend Inspiration.

So inspiration comes and goes for me much like a good friend. Sometimes we see each other often. Sometimes it will be a while before we connect. We both know the relationship is there and when we get together it is like no time has lapsed. Just about every day I am reminded about a memory of something we have shared. Maybe I worry about their health, happiness or peace. Maybe I think about their traits I love the most.


Inspiration always comes back. And I know she is always thinking about me too. Sometimes we get together in big ways, sometimes just a glimpse of each other. The last couple weeks I have been talking to her and letting her know I'm ready for something new. I'm ready to see her again. I'm ready for a new adventure. I'm ready to think about what we have accomplished and take a little bit of that and mix it with something new.


I think fear blocks us from happiness and growth. Fear of being judged or not being accepted. I try to be that five year old with a crayon. Blank white page. Sweaty palm. Big smile. Popsicle stained shirt and lips. I don't look at what anyone else at the table is making. I try not to think. I just make stuff with abandon. And all I care about is if my mom hangs it on the fridge. Not everything makes it to the fridge but if I let inspiration show up and love me and I also channel my inner five year old good things usually happen. I'm ready.


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