Who am I?

I'm not necessarily sure. But that's ok. I started working in clay in 2003 at the suggestion of my lovely friend, Jean. We signed up for a wheel class to get out of the house while we were raising our kids as full time moms. I threw on the wheel and drank wine once a week for almost five years before i realized that everything was just round.

Toward the end of my throwing years, i started to see work by people who called themselves figurative sculptors. I was blown away. Particularly by an artist that lived right down the road in Roswell. Debra Fritts. Check her out!! So she is the one that inspired me to move beyond round.

I don't have any formal art schooling but have been lucky enough to have taken workshops from several talented and generous artists to get me going. I find a lot of inspiration at museums and from books. I particularly like vintage photographs. I have ADD pretty bad so the good news for me is that I don't really worry or obsess about what I'm doing which keeps my work very free. I also don't really stress about trying new things because i forget what i was concerned about within a couple of minutes. Go me.

I live in Woodstock, GA with my two adopted dogs, Twinkle and Rosie. I love to cook and garden and collect art supplies (some call it hoarding, I call that blasphemy). I spent twenty wonderful years raising my three children and now I am a full time artist. My children are my heart and I'm so proud of them. I have a partner named Scott and my bonus kid, Blake. All of our kids are grown and out of the house! We like to eat and play cards and travel, sometimes in our teardrop trailer and sometimes in an airplane. I see the potential in everything including my fellow humans.

I make clay sculpture, functional clay work like goblets and bowls, artful jewelry and I paint with oil and love to draw. During 2020 I started teaching online and I really love it. I have a video library of clay lessons and a private FACEBBOOK group that you can join to learn about what I do. I also teach live several times a week. I work full time as an artist and I pay my bills with what I earn. I know I am priviledged and I share my resources whenever and where ever I can.

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