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Virtual Clay Shenanigans.... to shenanigan or not to shenanigan.... that is the question.....

That is my latest batch of beginner student work. Someone asked me how virtual classes look and I agree it's a little hard to put your arms around it especially if you grew up playing kick the can like i did .....


Everybody gets an email invite before the class. Zoom is super easy. You set up an account on the app. You click on the link we sent you at your designated class time and we let you in our virtual room! If you remember the intro to the show the Brady Bunch? That's how it looks. We are all stacked up so you can keep track of what everyone is doing (if you are on your phone you will only see one person at a time). It's really rather fun. We chat. I teach. I get kinda bossy telling you how to be most successful and safe with clay. I never make you do anything. I want you to make things you relate to and are excited about. We vote on which projects we are going to make as a class. My goal is for you to have fun and let go. I will tell you about my day and we will all share about our lives. We continue learning from each other's successes and failures. Virtual learning isn't quite as easy as being in person but it's pretty close! You will make new friends and feel inspired! I've never had someone fail but even if you do i know you will have fun doing it!!

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