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You might ask me how I find my customers?? Or you might not.

So let's talk about fishing. I'll admit it. I fish for followers. And they happen to be the most solid leads and a lot turn into faithful customers. I am running my little business thru IG and FB. I follow people that follow other artists that do ceramics and painting. They see my follow and possibly follow me back. It works for me. The not fun part is the following and the unfollowing of people. So if you fall in this category I'm so sorry. I'm working every option I have to keep my business running. It's hard to keep track of everybody!! I love discovering artists and art I relate to! Reach out to me and say hi if you would like to connect. I love friends and love hearing about what you do and your opinions about my work. Here's to fish and fishing. Just keep swimming. I am.


Work in progress mermaid with her fish and some pendants. They are headed to their first firing!!

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